Issue #7

  1. Introducing SIX + GENDERS

  2. My Golem, Her Tower

  3. Do You Know Anshl, the Yeshive Bokher?

  4. Centers of Gravity

  5. This Rumor of Darger's Armies of Girls

  6. My Body is a Prophet

  7. Radical Pleasures and Radical Critique

  8. Let It Bleed, Rona and I

  9. Table for Eleggua, Table for Elijah

  10. Standing Beneath Sinai

  11. Voluminous Absence: Rosemary Mayer’s “Shekinah” and “Bat Kol”

  12. My Own Silence

  13. License to Opacity

  14. "In the future there will be no such creatures like me."

  15. Tefillin Tikkun HaKlali

  16. Talmud Gender Codex

My Golem, Her Tower

Julie Weitz

What fools imagined a tall shaft could lead us to a higher state? My Golem, overcome by her own tower, destroys that which she creates.


Julie Weitz is an LA-based visual artist working in video, performance, and installation. Weitz’s current project centers on her embodiment and portrayal of a futuristic folkloric humanoid, named My Golem. The character was created in 2017 for a series of Instagram videos that responded to rising antisemitism; since that time, the project has evolved through a series of commissioned works. In partnership with curators, galleries, critics, rabbis, Jewish scholars and religious congregations, My Golem has grown to include live performance, film and social media content, and collaborative educational initiatives. Though each new initiative is distinct from the last, what has remained consistent is Weitz and her Golem’s confrontation of contemporary cultural issues, through the fantastical lens of a Jewish mythological figure. @MyGolem_Is_Here

Pam Shaffer is a LA-based musician and therapist. She is passionate about composing and producing music for her solo project Nyxe as well as creating scores for visual artists. When she’s not counseling her clients or crafting sonic landscapes, Pam hosts the podcast Why Not Both, which explores how our multiple passions shape our identity.