PROTOCOLS is a cultural journal with an ambitious mission: to curate and publish provocative writing and art from across the global Jewish diaspora with attention to progressive and leftist politics. PROTOCOLS seeks to amplify the voices of Jewish writers and artists marginalized and excluded from mainstream platforms, to provide a vibrant and enriching gateway into Jewish life, and to serve as a home for collective engagement, dialogue, and cultural organizing toward a democratic and liberated future.



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The prolonged, converging upheavals of pandemic and rebellion expose the fragile and fertile lines that weave together our social and political fabric. Its interlacing threads are activated and pressured. Geographies of contagion and inequality, relations of violence and solidarity tighten and pull apart—at the seams.

Seams are acute lines of articulation, connection, and rupture, constraining and shaping social movements and memories. They suture together archives and link groups, identities, bodies, and politics (and the body politic). They are creative sites of vulnerability, inviting disintegration and repair, and also tense records of bonding and intercourse. What are the seams at which solidarity and difference manifest, and at what point do these seams burst? What are the links between the vulnerabilities and possibilities we feel in our bodies and our politics at this moment of rupture? How does vulnerability reflect a multidirectional, ambivalent, or transitional condition? What leaks out from seams in the body, seams in our collective and individual memories, or seams in our communities? And how do seams contract to contain these leakages?

Please send pitches for essays, criticism, and reviews that outline the context, argument, and relevance to the issue. Fiction and creative nonfiction up to 6000 words; short-shorts and linked shorts 500-1000 words. No line limits for poetry. Translations, hybrid or intergenre work, and simultaneous and multiple submissions accepted, as well as reprints of work that has only appeared in print.

We accept a range of art submissions including but not limited to textile, performance, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital, and other multi-media work.

September 4, 2020

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