Since launching online in January 2018, we have reached over 10,000 readers in over 100 countries, demonstrating the growing hunger for alternative and innovative ways to engage with Jewish life, culture, and politics. PROTOCOLS is one of only a small number of publications and digital communities offering high quality and highly-curated Jewish content with attention to progressive politics.

Jewish writers and artists are facing an acute crisis as, over the past decade, communal funds earmarked for arts and culture have shrunk. Communal funding priorities increasingly focus on Jewish engagement and identity and many funders do not appreciate the crucial role Jewish creativity plays as a gateway to both. Funders who do appreciate the value of Jewish arts and culture now have limited infrastructures for identifying and supporting creative projects.  At the same time, dependency on state funding in places such as Germany or Israel restricts the ability of Jewish writers and artists to produce work that might not align with the current government’s policies, leading to a widespread chilling effect. 

You can help! An ambitious cultural mission requires a well-funded organizational infrastructure.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you to make a material commitment to PROTOCOLS’ work. Each issue costs us just over $15,000 to publish. That works out to ~80 people giving $180, ~200 people giving $72, or ~400 people giving $36. PROTOCOLS is a non-profit enterprise, so all the money we raise goes directly to compensating our contributors, printing and material costs, and keeping our website up.

As if that weren’t reason enough to donate, there’s more! Every dollar we raise from readers sends a powerful message to potential funders. It demonstrates that what we’re doing matters – that there’s an appetite for provocative Jewish ideas and art, and for a publication that deals unflinchingly with the most challenging and deep questions facing Jews today. As we approach foundations, centers for Jewish studies and other machers, we want to know you’re with us.

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