Issue #7

  1. Introducing SIX + GENDERS

  2. My Golem, Her Tower

  3. Do You Know Anshl, the Yeshive Bokher?

  4. Centers of Gravity

  5. This Rumor of Darger's Armies of Girls

  6. My Body is a Prophet

  7. Radical Pleasures and Radical Critique

  8. Let It Bleed, Rona and I

  9. Table for Eleggua, Table for Elijah

  10. Standing Beneath Sinai

  11. Voluminous Absence: Rosemary Mayer’s “Shekinah” and “Bat Kol”

  12. My Own Silence

  13. License to Opacity

  14. "In the future there will be no such creatures like me."

  15. Tefillin Tikkun HaKlali

  16. Talmud Gender Codex

My Body is a Prophet

Miriam Saperstein

My Body is a Prophet: A Zine about Trans Jewish Ritual and Navigating Community, 2019

Miriam Saperstein is a maker of many kinds of art, currently residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their work plays with bodily experiences, communal responsibility, and personal transformation. When not asking incessant questions, they can be found muttering and gluing things together in their room, or leading a Rosh Hodesh song circle.