Issue #5

  1. Introducing TIKKUN/REPAIR

  2. Sanctuary

  3. "Iron Dome Listicle"

  4. Patterns

  5. The Diaspora of Poland-Palestine

  6. "Operation" and "Price of Entry"

  7. Three States of Gender Alchemy

  8. The Octopus

  9. Among Refugees Generation Y

  10. Tikkun Olam, or "small-z Zionism"?

  11. 29 Texts on Tikkun Olam

  12. The Problematics of Return

  13. Reading Reparation

  14. Tikkun Olam Today

  15. Stories of Demolition

  16. Work and Worship

  17. "Hevron" and "Mishna Ketubot 4:4"

  18. The Sign Under Which They Fight

  19. Cultivating Jewish "Ecotheology"

  20. Entropical Futures

  21. A Problem

"Operation" and "Price of Entry"

Matisse Rosen

Efrat Hakimi, Inventory, screen print, acrylic on paper, 50 cm x 35 cm, 2017


I.      Breath collapses to the bed-rock of bones in some scale of

Forest system. Upturned ribs resemble gnarled roots outside

A prison. The trees are bleeding because they have been cut

Beside its fence. Adjacent, there is a dried-up river and a girl

Form resting above it. Their midlines run parallel, their dry-

Ness runs parallel. Both forms are engulfed in the shadow.

II.     The doctor dislodges stones from her asthmatic memory.

Surgery brackets a black forest beside recovery that the

Breath never crosses. Breath collapses to its bedrock. Valley

Stones could be notches on a lucid spine beside a prison.

River-body drought-dry mid-line. Disastrous stepping stones

Crack in a clearing.

III.      Pathogens split from the body start to erase its material

Existence. The shadow is relentless. Where does the body

Go? Into the river-bed? Inside the prison? The doctors issue

A frenzied statement: this is a side-effect we could not have


IV.      Whispers linger where a girl once laid. The trees drop spoiled

Fruit. Her memory escapes subjectivity, pining after rock bodies.

Vocal chords become brittle. Words split syllable. The shadow

Devours language but not its substance. Nerves erode with the

Season. The prison discharges light through dry pines with precision.



Price of Entry

Follow me

toward the long field of data


where glass gapes in browned grasses

scattered by oblong burns


& the sun never ceases to shine

its expert teeth


bright breath

of pathogen and disinfectant


traverse the two-headed poles

of this seam


Matisse is a descendent of bootlegger-turned-doctor Polish Jews. She lives in a body, is chronically ill, and is currently writing through ancestral trauma, procedures of memory, and medicalization. She lives in Tucson where she is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona.