Issue #5

  1. Introducing TIKKUN/REPAIR

  2. Sanctuary

  3. "Iron Dome Listicle"

  4. Patterns

  5. The Diaspora of Poland-Palestine

  6. "Operation" and "Price of Entry"

  7. Three States of Gender Alchemy

  8. The Octopus

  9. Among Refugees Generation Y

  10. Tikkun Olam, or "small-z Zionism"?

  11. 29 Texts on Tikkun Olam

  12. The Problematics of Return

  13. Reading Reparation

  14. Tikkun Olam Today

  15. Stories of Demolition

  16. Work and Worship

  17. "Hevron" and "Mishna Ketubot 4:4"

  18. The Sign Under Which They Fight

  19. Cultivating Jewish "Ecotheology"

  20. Entropical Futures

  21. A Problem

Among Refugees Generation Y

Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson

Among Refugees Generation Y is a series of multilingual calligraphy murals in the public space of Berlin, based on the story “Among Refugees” (1923) by the writer Dovid Bergelson—one of the leading Yiddish writers of the twentieth century and the artist’s great-grandfather. Using multiple languages to translate, the artist’s murals and sketches create a cultural hybridity between different migrant and refugee communities in contemporary Berlin.

Photos: Lea Fabrikant

Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson explores the manifestation of migration and integration processes through language visualization. Ella was born in Moscow in 1984, immigrated to Israel in 1991, and currently lives in Berlin. Ella speaks, reads, and writes several languages, and her own hybrid identity drives her to explore cultural self-definition both in individuals and in communities.