Issue #5

  1. Introducing TIKKUN/REPAIR

  2. Sanctuary

  3. "Iron Dome Listicle"

  4. Patterns

  5. The Diaspora of Poland-Palestine

  6. "Operation" and "Price of Entry"

  7. Three States of Gender Alchemy

  8. The Octopus

  9. Among Refugees Generation Y

  10. Tikkun Olam, or "small-z Zionism"?

  11. 29 Texts on Tikkun Olam

  12. The Problematics of Return

  13. Reading Reparation

  14. Tikkun Olam Today

  15. Stories of Demolition

  16. Work and Worship

  17. "Hevron" and "Mishna Ketubot 4:4"

  18. The Sign Under Which They Fight

  19. Cultivating Jewish "Ecotheology"

  20. Entropical Futures

  21. A Problem

"Hevron" and "Mishna Ketubot 4:4"

Margo Hughes-Robinson

Arielle Stein, Who Knows One, ink and pencil on paper, 2019


And when we walked down Shuhada street, I felt
There is no G-d but G-d
Each home a dusty emerald body
An iron bar sealed over each sanitized door, a sterilized street
And we were a few bartered mandrakes sneaking through what had been stopped up
While myriads grew ever larger behind caged windows

And later at Machpelah,
I stuck my hands through bars and wept alongside Mother Leah, weeping
And all the water we had drunk ran down my face and breast

The Lord, at least, is One
Surely a mother knows to weep for Simon and Levi as well after Dinah
Surely an unloved sister weeps for her children as they grow up to spill blood onto dust
Alongside a mother who cannot weep for her children

Mishna Ketubot 4:4

And a blister of sky erupts
Over the most prosaic of places
“It’s called a zeugma” my teacher explains
As we yoke ourselves to the sovereignty of heaven
And to the limits of interpretation
Our minds and our boundaries are ripped
While we watch in real time
Over centuries
Ancient death sentences limited, transmuted, liberation made liveable by squishing Divine Judgement into the margins…

And I have broken six of my nails today trying to claw my way in, to find a foothold if only in pseudepigrapha
While in some apocryphal tongue
A small child whispers
“Who knows one?”

Margo Hughes-Robinson is a fourth-year rabbinical student at Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, where she is also earning an MA in Midrash and Scriptural Interpretation. Her work in New York, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East/North Africa region has focused on interfaith activism, as well as advocacy for converts to Judaism.