Issue #5

  1. Introducing TIKKUN/REPAIR

  2. Sanctuary

  3. "Iron Dome Listicle"

  4. Patterns

  5. The Diaspora of Poland-Palestine

  6. "Operation" and "Price of Entry"

  7. Three States of Gender Alchemy

  8. The Octopus

  9. Among Refugees Generation Y

  10. Tikkun Olam, or "small-z Zionism"?

  11. 29 Texts on Tikkun Olam

  12. The Problematics of Return

  13. Reading Reparation

  14. Tikkun Olam Today

  15. Stories of Demolition

  16. Work and Worship

  17. "Hevron" and "Mishna Ketubot 4:4"

  18. The Sign Under Which They Fight

  19. Cultivating Jewish "Ecotheology"

  20. Entropical Futures

  21. A Problem

Three States of Gender Alchemy

Nicki Green

Three States of Gender Alchemy depicts three phases of alchemical transformation through a trans Jewish lens. First, an External Alchemy begins with the Sacred Androgyne harvesting produce and collecting material to transform physically — this is the collecting of information. Next the Androgyne places a fermentation crock into a storeroom while the material contained inside the crock submerged underneath the brine’s surface grows bacteria and ferments; a state of Internal Alchemy ensues and represents the processing of information. In the third panel of glazed earthenware, the Androgyne immerses into a Spiritual Alchemy, both half in and half out of an expansive body of water. The information is embodied, and the cyclical process begins again.

Nicki Green is a bay-area-based transdisciplinary artist who makes sculptures, ritual objects and various flat works about history preservation, conceptual ornamentation and the aesthetics of Otherness. 

Courtesy of University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Gift of the artist, courtesy of [2nd floor projects] San Francisco.