Issue #6

  1. Introducing TONGUES

  2. Dispatches

  3. JEW BOY

  4. Oxcha, Oxcha

  5. Hack

  6. Jaffa My Love — The IsraHell Dystopia

  7. Remember Passing

  8. Confusing Their Tongues

  9. Catchat: Following an Interview With a Cat

  10. On Diasporic Speech

  11. The Yiddish Terrorist

  12. Divide, Fragment, Exceptionalize

  13. The Taste of Displacement

  14. FEAST: Semipermeable Membrane

  15. Your Love Is Like A River

  16. Doing Right By You

  17. Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism

  18. The Wind and Its Hundred Doors

  19. What Makes You Choke


Michael Liani

Michael Liani, Hack, 2015

Hack is a video documenting the artist’s solo exhibition at KAV 16 gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by Ravit Harari, 2015. The exhibition included 4 video projections on 4 walls simultaneously, 3 planters with mint, and a fig tree. The meaning of H׳ack  in Moroccan Arabic is “Take!”

Born in Migdal Ha’emek, Israel, in 1987, Michael Liani is an artist living and working in Tel Aviv. Liani completed his MFA at Bezalel University in 2016, graduating with high honors. Liani has exhibited his work in Tel Aviv, Israel; Moscow, Russia; Venice, Italy; and Los Angeles, California. Liani has received the NEXT! Prize for Innovative Creation of the Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival (2019); Prize for Emerging Artist granted by the Ministry of Culture, Israel (2018); Winner of International Photography Contest, Paris College of Art (2017); and the Li Zhou Photography Festival Prize, Li Zhou Museum for Photography, China (2017).