Issue #6

  1. Introducing TONGUES

  2. Dispatches

  3. JEW BOY

  4. Oxcha, Oxcha

  5. Hack

  6. Jaffa My Love — The IsraHell Dystopia

  7. Remember Passing

  8. Confusing Their Tongues

  9. Catchat: Following an Interview With a Cat

  10. On Diasporic Speech

  11. The Yiddish Terrorist

  12. Divide, Fragment, Exceptionalize

  13. The Taste of Displacement

  14. FEAST: Semipermeable Membrane

  15. Your Love Is Like A River

  16. Doing Right By You

  17. Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism

  18. The Wind and Its Hundred Doors

  19. What Makes You Choke

Jaffa My Love — The IsraHell Dystopia

Muhammad Jabali

  • Muhammad Jabali, The Modern Traveller's Map for The Holy Lands, 2019

  • Muhammad Jabali, Betty The White Savior, 2019 // (Eng.) "Hello!!! My name is Betty!! I was born to Civil Rights Lawyers from NY!!! So..., thanks God, Taglit opened my eyes! and I bought an apartment in Jaffa and decided to join the struggle I believe in: Fighting Gentrification in Jaffa" "OMG" "Yeah" "Yeah...."

  • Muhammad Jabali, The Shtetl Boy, 2019 // (Heb.) "Do you really doubt that a family living two generations in Warsaw lived a more modern, urban life than three generations in Cairo or Beirut? ...Hahahaha, what planet are you living on??" "... Yalla Dabkeee!!"

  • Muhammad Jabali, Party Girls, Hipster Boys, 2019 // Girl (Ar.): "...Sis!! I told you! It's crazy good here! Enough with all the time come to Haifa Haifa Haifa!! If I leave you there you will end up at those new parties in Kufr Yaseef!!..." Girl (Ar.): "...hahaha noooo. We will end up partying in Nazareth! Hahaha..." Boy (Heb.): "... Bro!! If I'm not mistaken those two babes are speaking Arabic <3 !!!..."

  • Muhammad Jabali, Colonial Hug, 2019 // (Eng.) "Hug a T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone)"

  • Muhammad Jabali, Still a Minority, 2019 // ("Israeli-Arab" Ar.) "Bro! It's really hallucinatory how no matter what you do you are still a minority in this place!!!" (Heb.) "Marhaba" "Ahlan" "Ahlan" "Marhaba" "Ahlan"

Muhammad Jabali is a Palestinian artist, writer, children’s picture book author, and occasional DJ currently living in Berlin, Germany. Last year, he was part of the teaching staff of *foundationClass at Weissensee Art School, Berlin, and was previously a faculty member in both the Photography and Fine Arts departments of the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. He is currently part of the AL.Berlin Music Collective. His work spans drawing, illustration, visual essay, sound, lecture performance, children’s picture book, and academic research.

Illustrations published in print in the Jewish Museum Hohenems‘ catalogue of the exhibition “All About Tel Aviv – The invention of a City.”