Issue #6

  1. Introducing TONGUES

  2. Dispatches

  3. JEW BOY

  4. Oxcha, Oxcha

  5. Hack

  6. Jaffa My Love — The IsraHell Dystopia

  7. Remember Passing

  8. Confusing Their Tongues

  9. Catchat: Following an Interview With a Cat

  10. On Diasporic Speech

  11. The Yiddish Terrorist

  12. Divide, Fragment, Exceptionalize

  13. The Taste of Displacement

  14. FEAST: Semipermeable Membrane

  15. Your Love Is Like A River

  16. Doing Right By You

  17. Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism

  18. The Wind and Its Hundred Doors

  19. What Makes You Choke

Doing Right By You

Yael Meiry

This selection of photographs from Yael Meiry’s artist book, Doing Right By You, presents the potentiality of the tongue to kiss, to communicate, and to incite violence. After a self-portrait of the artist, we see two photographs: first, the artist is holding a gas canister; then, a pomegranate. By reading (or translating) the Hebrew, the images and their relationship are illuminated. The interplay of image and text connects the impact of Rimon Gaz (a gas canister) to the tart, red Rimon (a pomegranate).

Yael Meiry (1982) lives and works in Tel Aviv. They are a multi-disciplinary artist. Their inquiry deals with photo-based installations, motivated by form and identity as signifiers of political and social affairs. Meiry exhibited their work in alternative spaces and Israeli galleries and museums, including Eretz Israel Museum, Herzliya Museum, Open Museum Of Photography Tel Hai, Indie Photography Gallery, Hansen House, Hamidrasha Gallery, and many others.

They have been the recipient of grants and awards, among them from the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, the Asylum Arts program, and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality in collaboration with the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts. Besides publishing five photography zines and booklets shown in several book fairs, including Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin and Artport’s Book Fair, they recently published their first full-length artist book Doing Right By You.