Issue #9

  1. Introducing SITRA ACHRA

  2. Talmudic War Machine & A Shadow’s Dream

  3. Bruise Garden

  4. Mascha Kaléko: The Poet, The Stream

  5. Deli on the Move

  6. Bad Butcher

  7. Over or Under

  8. Remove/Release

  9. Renew Our Days

  10. Our Boys: A Travelogue

  11. Vitraji Vulgarum

  12. “Seeing is Not Enough”

  13. Cross-Pollination

  14. Theremin and the Touchless Touch

Bad Butcher

David Duvshani & Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler

David Duvshani and Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler, Bad Butcher, Comic, 25 frames, 10 x 10cm each, Ink on paper, 2021

Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler and David Duvshani have worked as a couple since 2018. They published a weekly comic column, Apocalyptic Predictions, in Haaretz newspaper in Israel (2019-2020)

David is an artist working with comics, painting, and print. He is a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and his work has been exhibited internationally. He contributes to Tohu magazine, where he has a podcast of interviews with artists and a comic column The Travels of Reb Mendelovitch, an experimental comic in the form of a scroll. His comic book, Crusades, was published in France in 2019. 

Fermentto is a fiction writer. She has been heralded by the Israeli press as a “brave new voice” (Haaretz). Her debut novel, Safari, was published in Israel in 2011, and became a bestseller. Her second novel, By the Orange Orchard, won the Ministry of Culture Award for Young Authors. She holds a Ph.D in Jewish-American and Yiddish literature from UC San Diego. They live together in Tel-Aviv.