Issue #3

  1. Facing and Confronting Borders

  2. Of Birthright Transgressions

  3. A Curvature of the Spine

  4. Plausible Conversions

  5. Counter-Ruin

  6. Beautiful Creatures

  7. Self Portrait

  8. A Tale of a Woman and a Robe

  9. Five Streets in Kraków

  10. I Love Germany

  11. Anxiety at the Archive

  12. Fidelity to Hybridity: Returning to Ella Shohat’s Arab-Jew

A Tale of a Woman and a Robe

Nurit Jacobs Yinon

Part I: A Tale of a Woman and a Robe

Part II: The Female Converts' Midrash

Part III: The Beit Din (Rabbinic Conversion Court)

A Tale of a Woman and a Robe provides a rare glimpse of a female convert’s immersion in a mikveh (Jewish ritual bath) as the final step for her conversion to become Jewish. We are not the only observers of this ritual; according to Jewish halacha (law), three male rabbis must witness this intimate, sacred moment to validate the conversion. Slowly, Nurit Jacobs Yinon confronts the paradox of Jewish law and its system of power.

Nurit Jacobs-Yinon, owner of Aluma-Films, is an award-winning filmmaker and an Aktbistit artist. She is a member of the Israel Film Academy and one of the founders of the Women in Film and Television – Israel Forum.