Issue #3

  1. Facing and Confronting Borders

  2. Of Birthright Transgressions

  3. A Curvature of the Spine

  4. Plausible Conversions

  5. Counter-Ruin

  6. Beautiful Creatures

  7. Self Portrait

  8. A Tale of a Woman and a Robe

  9. Five Streets in Kraków

  10. I Love Germany

  11. Anxiety at the Archive

  12. Fidelity to Hybridity: Returning to Ella Shohat’s Arab-Jew

Self Portrait

Shterna Goldbloom

“‏אַ לייב האָט ניט מורא פֿאַר קיין פֿליג”
(Translated to: A lion is not afraid of a fly. Yiddish Proverb.)
Capturing—while still challenging—the Jewish tradition, Shterna Goldbloom explores the simplicity and complexity of the identities within (and outside of) the self, especially for Jews, queers, women, and Jewish queer women. While one can understand Goldbloom’s notable series Sitra Achra as a narrative of straddling these boundaries, Self-Portrait, here, represents them as intersections.

Shterna Goldbloom is an ex-Hasidic artist invested in creating more visibility for feygeles like herself.