Issue #4

  1. Not Jewish Enough

  2. GER/The Stranger

  3. Welcome to Jerusalem

  4. Textured (Hi)Stories

  5. Never Again

  6. In Thy Tent I Dwell

  7. A Person Worries

  8. A Rainbow Thread

  9. Vaybertaytsh: A Conversation

  10. Eclipse

  11. Two Poems

  12. Tela de Sevoya: Myriam Moscona on Ladino's Afterlives


Meirav Heiman & Ayelet Carmi

Eclipse, video, 3:59 minutes, 2015

Meirav Heiman and Ayelet Carmi focus the viewer on the image of a woman unwillingly chained to a ‘Breaking Wheel’, spinning continuously.

Meirav Heiman (b. 1972) is a photographer and installation artist living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ayelet Carmi (b. 1967) is a painter and installation artist living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel.