Issue #2

  1. Sun Stand Still

  2. Perfectly Packaged

  3. KNOT IN MY NAME (it’s hard to transition when you’re escaping something)

  4. Beating Between Two Screens

  5. Stations of the Cross — Ecce Homo

  6. Dem Nayntn Yanuar

  7. Hero(in)es of the Trans Community

  8. Persuasions

  9. A Parable on Integration

  10. The Seven Abdulkarims

Dem Nayntn Yanuar


“Dem Nayntn Yanuar [Ninth of January],” a Jewish folk song that references the Bloody Sunday March of 1905, was originally collected by ethnomusicologist Moshe Beregovsky. Eléonore Weill, vocalist and flutist for new-traditional klezmer band Tsibele, composed and arranged a new melody for the band. “Dem Nayntn Yanuar” is on Tsibele’s album It’s Dark Outside – Indroysn iz Finster.



“On the ninth of January we wept and wailed

As they took our brothers from the stock exchange* to the jail

Soon as we got there, we all took a vow:


“Brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid of any jails

Come out of the jails to awaken the people,

Come out of the jails with bombs and dynamite.

Destroy the tyrants who are sucking our blood.


“They suck our blood like it’s the best wine

The czar and the government should go to hell–

And they will.


“When someone yelled: Jews, Muslims, and Christians,

We responded with: Down with Capitalism!

Then we, the workers, will raise our heads.

The world will be renewed,

when we, the workers, are free.”


Tsibele is a new-traditional klezmer band based in Brooklyn, NY. Tsibele emphasizes Klezmer’s relationship to regional musical genres and dialects by drawing from the Jewish music of Romania and Moldova, 19th century secular Yiddish folk songs from Eastern Europe, and contemporary folk and improvised music. The band includes Zoë Aqua (violin), Eva Boodman (trumpet), Zoe Guigueno (bass), Hannah Temple (accordion) and Eléonore Weill (wooden flutes and vocals).