Issue #2

  1. Sun Stand Still

  2. Perfectly Packaged

  3. KNOT IN MY NAME (it’s hard to transition when you’re escaping something)

  4. Beating Between Two Screens

  5. Stations of the Cross — Ecce Homo

  6. Dem Nayntn Yanuar

  7. Hero(in)es of the Trans Community

  8. Persuasions

  9. A Parable on Integration

  10. The Seven Abdulkarims

Hero(in)es of the Trans Community

Yuval Avrami

  • May Peleg (1984-2015), Acrylic on plastic, 2018

  • DanVeg (1991-2016), Acrylic on plastic, 2018

  • Zalman Shoshi (1949-2016), Acrylic on plastic, 2018

  • Gila Goldstein (1947-2017), Acrylic on plastic, 2018

Yuval Avrami is a Jerusalem born and raised artist working at the intersection of several arts and themes, including technology, poetry and visual arts. Yuval is currently a student for computer science and visual communications as part of an interdisciplinary program at the Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy for Art and Design.